Monday, April 2, 2018

OPD Review 5 - The Sea Goddess's Tower

A tower dedicated to the Sea Goddess, long ago abandoned and now shunned. Once a repository of Sea Lore, apparently. 9 areas, this is really more of a location than an adventure, but it could be useful. I'd say low-mid level (like 3-5ish) maybe.

Organization: Nicely laid out - uses the standard format without any "random encounters." Serviceable.

Clarity: Clean map that makes sense. Opponents and items are UNDERLINED - good technique for highlighting without bolding everything on the page. A simple sentence (or fragment) at the top of the tower would have alleviated some (albeit very brief) confusion I had about the missing light.

Usefulness: As is... meh. No reason that some other hearty adventurous types wouldn't have tried to relocate and replace the light over the years. I'd change things up a bit and maybe have it be a random encounter, looming out of the mists in the sea, on a dark night. Maybe they crash into this uncharted mysterious island (and when they finally shove off, they discover they are somewhere else entirely in the great sea). I don't see much of a reason to "go to" this island, so... Like the drifting pirate ship a few entries ago, I might use this as a random encounter on the way to or from the Isle of Dread or when chasing Slavers...

Subjective: Perhaps building up something with the "missing light" would make this stand out to me. I really like the map, linear and boring though it might be. The writing is a little verbose for a One Pager, but gets the information across. If I do a long sea voyage, this is in, but otherwise, meh.

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