Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Kyak

The Kyak*** (key-ack) is a leafy hardwood tree that, unlike most trees of its kind (oak, maple, etc), does not lose its leaves in the fall only to have them bud again in the spring. The broad, round-ended leaves are dark green in the summer but fade into a dark purple through the winter. The leaves of the Kyak are sometimes dried and crushed and brewed into a tea or a broth which is said to have curative properties (particularly for head injuries and memory problems). The bark of a Kyak tree is rough and sharp. The wood is harder than oak and is legendary in the Midlands (sometimes called Ironwood).

The Kyak tree abounds in legend: it features prominently in the story of the Firstborn and their coming to Daen Ral, the tree's leaves were said to have hidden Aerios and Isana when Isana's husband sought the lovers, the wood of the Kyak tree is said to have built the World Chapel and that the chapel still stands today, 20,000 years after it was built. Many people believe it is either good luck or bad luck to sit under a Kyak tree and some legends tell that if a person sleeps under a Kyak tree, he/she will be haunted by nightmares but will gain otherworldly wisdom. Kyaks are rare except in the Northern Forest. Most people have never seen one, but artifacts carved of Ironwood are found throughout the Midlands (and many people revere them, but also fear them to a degree).

***Okay, when I started the blog I didn't know how to spell kayak, okay? I have a new...something...because I goofed up...