Friday, April 13, 2018

OPD 10 Review - The Well of Wounded Souls

A labyrinth.  Normally I hate labyrinths and mazes but there's a decent mechanic here ("Dungeon Fog") that might, along with its solid theme, make this tolerable. The set up is okay, but doesn't really give my players any reason to go there. Only 8 listed locations, but that's a little deceptive, as there are also 6 trap locations. Three more areas labeled E (presumably "Empty" though there's nothing in the key to indicate that) could be areas for expansion as well. Most of the adventure here is trying to get out of the maze, so probably any level PC could tackle this one.

Organization: While this OPD generally uses the "standard format," it does it to good effect.  Right column is general information, left column is individual areas.

Clarity: AWFUL map resolution. The original has layers you can turn off to print a players map. Hopefully the original also has a clearer map. I haven't yet encountered one in the wild with a better quality map, but I haven't exactly been beating the bushes to find it either.  As I said above, the format is put to good use, though some bolding or underlining could help pull things out. Also, boxes around Traps and Encounters would offset those better (as they are likely to be accessed numerous times during the adventure).

Usefulness: I dropped this in an extraplanar space that I created for an adventure. I just changed up the motivations a bit (the PCs needed to recover the key which not only opened the gate from this place back to the "real world" but was a maguffin for another part of the adventure - oh, by the way, what happens if they don't release the souls, but they leave the "back door" unlocked when they leave? Hmmmm...) I like this. It has some very specific possibilities.

Subjective: Well, I've used it already, so that tells you something. This was one where the map actually drew me in (no pun, sorry) even though it's not of stellar quality and it's a maze. I'd like to see this expanded a bit. This is the kind of place that could really benefit from the Two Page dungeon layout...

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