Friday, April 4, 2008

Idea for Kuo Toan Town

N 38-39 Kuo-Toan Town

Cavern is about 2 miles long, 1 mile wide – roof is 300’ overhead.

Located adjacent to the river (Svartjet), this town is a trade destination for the underground races. The Kuo-Toa established this community far from the Sunless Sea and the Aboleth who threaten them. It is a relatively new (a hundred years or so) community, but it is thriving. The Kuo-Toa here make pilgrimages to the ancient shrine to the Sea Mother (L2 41-42), though shrine in this cavern is gaining in popularity (some of the younger Kuo-Toa only go to the major shrine once a year, though older Kuo-Toa will make monthly pilgrimages).

A primary passage leads into the main area. The Kuo-Toan area of the town is divided into four pools, the Upper (or Royal) Pool, the Sacred Pool, the Warrior Pool and the Common Pool. The river spills into the Upper Pool which then feeds the others via aqueducts. Within the pools are the homes of nearly 1,000 Kuo-Toa. In addition, the common pool spills into the garden pool and “The Sea,” areas which consume most of the cavern…

Special Features:

  • Aboleth slave/captive
  • Drow Merchants – capacity for 10 caravans – plus warehouses, inns,
  • Evil Advisor to the King-Prince
  • The Palace – 40 Kuo-Toa (guards, concubines, advisors)
  • Market Square – stalls for local and foreign merchants, plus some more permanent shops
  • Sojourners Quarter (where “land dwellers” live) – perhaps 100-150 resident aliens - cave system in the wall of the cavern
  • Slave Pens – humans, elves, kuo-toa, trogs, dwarves, gnomes, a drow (maybe 250-300 total)
  • The Gardens – seaweed and algae, other sea plants
  • The Sea Pool – fish, lobsters, etc… Decanter of Endless Water in stoppered at the bottom. If the party could steal this or destroy this, they would cripple the Kuo-Toa civilization in this area – of course they would have to know it was there… The water here is salt water (Because of erosion of sea caves)
  • The Salt Caves – these submerged caves are home to renegade Kuo-Toa and a variety of other nasty surprises – the tertiary tunnel into this cavern leads through the Sea Caves

Royal Pool – Prince-King of the town
Palace, Throne Room, Audience Chamber, Private Chapel, Royal Breeding Pool, Royal Fingerling Pool, Slave Pen

Sacred Pool – Priestesses of the Sea Mother
24 cleric/assassins
Sacrifice chamber, greater and lesser offerings, offering pool, Great Hall, Inner chamber, dormitories, hatchery, food rooms, High Priestess’s suite, slave pen

Warrior Pool – 400 lvl 2-10 warriors
Barracks, Practice Yards, Breeding Pools, Fingerling Pools, Armory, Proving Ground, Arena

Common Pool – largest, 1,000 lvl 2 male and female
Common Rooms, Breeding Pools, Fingerling Pools

Just an idea for that neat little hidden hex at Q32 (I know somebody called dibs on the hidden shrine to the EEG, but I couldn’t help it J )

Q32 – Hidden Shrine to the Elder Elemental God

Here a Kuo-Toa splinter group has joined forces with some drow, illithid, duergar, etc. to worship the Elder Elemental God. There is a chapel to the Sea Mother here, but behind the statue, a secret door that leads to the true chapel to the One Who Must Not Be Named.
4 Monitors, 20 2nd Level Kuo Toa
20 Trogs
6 Drow
1 Illithid – High Priest
4 Duergar