Friday, April 6, 2018

OPD Review 7 - Ruined Temple of the Wild Arcana - Outer Chambers

Eight areas of wild, chaos magic (well, six really). I can't even guess what kind of levels this is aimed at - uses terms that are more "new school" I think (like "necrotic damage" - I mean, I guess I know what that means...).

Organization: Standard organization. Little drabs of information, but probably enough to run it. Don't like the "ditto" on the last two rooms...

Clarity: Map took a little puzzling, though the symbols help. I hate teleporters as a rule... Sigh... Key is kind of a wall of text so nothing really stands out. Extra white space...

Usefulness: I have no use for this. That is not to say it is bad. I actually like the idea of "wild magic" or "chaos magic" that the players can encounter/interact with, but I'm not a big fan of the execution here. Feels like the author had some kind of idea, then ran out of steam (7&8 "the same"... ugh).

Subjective: Not my kind of thing.

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