Monday, April 16, 2018

OPD 11 Review - Mollie's Roadhouse

Okay, we're in the first year of the OPD contest, and less than a dozen reviews, and this is at least the second entry that pushes the bounds of the concept. This isn't really a dungeon, or an adventure.  It's a simple location. 8 keyed places on the map. There will be more words in this review than on the entire OPD. Appropriate for any level.

Organization: I can't believe I'm going to say this, but... I wish this was better organized. No, that's not right. I want a little more... substance I guess.  That being the case, the organization serves the purpose.

Clarity: Crystal clear. I know what is where.

Usefulness: You might think I don't like this. Actually, I think it's very useful. I'd keep a folder of these kind of "waystation" locations handy. You're traveling up the river, you stop for the night at (shuffle, shuffle) Mollie's Roadhouse. Not much here...

Subjective: Hate the map style and wish there was just a little more substance - like one sentence descriptions of...well...everything. The barn, the stone circle, the religious pilgrims, the lost child... Still, I'll print it and index it and keep it handy (with some one sentence additions, I'm sure...)

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