Friday, April 30, 2010

Why I Started This Blog...

Way back - actually when I started this blog - I have a couple posts that were a project that I was part of over at Dragonsfoot - "Mapping the Depths of the Earth." I stumbled on the workshop project when it was about two years old...I THINK two or three years ago now...and volunteered to submit an area. Then I got inspired to do a couple more - one I finished, one may have been too ambitious (or I'm just not inspired to finish it...). Anyway, the idea of the project was to take all the marked encounter areas in the D series of modules that aren't elaborated on in those three modules and, well, elaborate on them. There were some really ambitious proposals (city of the aboleth, for example, and a hidden temple to the Elder Elemental Gods...). I'm not sure how well I did at "old school" encounters (if you're interested in what I contributed, you can check it out here and here and the proposal for the third area I might someday finish here).

Here's a link to the workshop page:

And here's a link to the whole stinkin' pdf (so far):

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