Friday, April 23, 2010

Filling the Hexes

So...I really want to fill out the Jacob's Well sandbox (real life keeps getting in the way, but that's certainly true for everyone) but I'm wondering - how small is too small?

Seriously, I'm only talking about an area about 10x10 miles or so - farms, forest, foothills and just the edge of mountains, a river... How much detail? How small a hex. On the Hope Cross Outdoor Map the scale is one small hex=220 yards. What if I detailed every 22yard hex? I mean, yeah, that's ridiculous... but... every 1/2 mile? That means...about 400 hexes (as opposed to 220 yards which would be...6400 hexes). I mean, certainly there's something interesting to say about every eighth of a mile or so, isn't there? Is there?

So...what's interesting?

I walk down my road and I see all kind of unusual things. In just a mile I cross, I think, three bridges, there's a deer carcass bloated and rotting, there's the inevitable litter, an abandoned house, broken down cars and sheds and a bar (so, I live in a really small, rural, Western Pennsylvania town, okay?). Every couple hundred yards there is probably something that isnoteworthy to the observer - but not important in any way.

So, yeah, that's too much detail, right?

But...well, how do you pack the hexes? I'm going to try the 1/2 mile hexes and see what I come up with. I need to look again at some of the "hexcrawling" posts I've seen and decide how to apply them to Jacob's Well region. I'll try to get some of these ideas posted next week...

So, here's the map in question:

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