Monday, April 12, 2010

Adventure Clearinghouse

Saw a link to Sara Darkmagic yesterday. I guess it's a blog and stuff - that's all well and good, I didn't really look at those other areas, but the link page is a clearinghouse of lots and lots of adventures available - the good old stuff, 4e stuff, and tons in between. I've only scratched the surface, but I think it's only D&D in its various forms.*** It's a great idea, one that I've been kicking around but just didn't have the desire or organizational skills to put it together (and I would have just have pulled together free stuff - this site has stuff for sale, old stuff, free stuff...)

So I can really see the utility of this kind of thing - and, frankly, it's better for not focusing on just one edition, or just the free stuff or whatever. There's good ideas to be had in every edition, so I pull free adventures whenever I can (I think I have everything from the Wizards site - even the Ravenloft stuff that I don't think I'll ever use as is).

I've bookmarked the site (not that big a deal, I have hundreds of disorganized bookmarks) but I think this is one I'll go back to again and again - in fact, I'm going to put it in my links section on the blog.

***EDIT: yep, spent an hour or so on the site - it's a beginning - but it's a 4e focused site so, while there were a few oldies that showed up (Village of Homlett and Palace of the Silver Princess & others - oddly, not everything that is available for free even from the WotC site...????) So, it's a site with potential, and I'll keep the bookmark and be cautiously optimistic that it will become a more comprehensive sites

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