Thursday, April 1, 2010

On Magic Items

So I've been scouring the 'net for magic item descriptions to include in the Daen Ral campaign and I realized that I really like oddball magic items - or at least not your garden variety +1 whatever. I want every item to have some kind of story, even if it is only a sword +1 - I want it to be Aarismar, the Bastard King's sword. Runes carved into the blade glow when the sword is wielded in anger. The Bastard King used the sword to slay his nephew to claim the throne of the Hamlin Kingdom. The sword grants the wielder +1 to hit and to damage.

Not a spectacular sword (it's JUST a +1 sword) but the story gives me some hooks and it has a history and a small special ability that doesn't really add much to the weapon.

In addition, a lot of magic items will only be usable by characters of certain minimum levels - especially artifacts, which may fall into characters hands even at early levels - but they will not be able to use them...

Minor magic items - charms, relics, scrolls, potions, even rings - are somewhat more common, I suppose, than in "normal" campaigns (yeah, okay, is there any such thing as a normal campaign?).

In addition, I'm probably going to give some items multiple abilities - to make them more interesting. There's been a bit of chatter on Old School blogs about how mundane magic items have become in the later editions. A wand of fire is tre cool, so I'm trying to make many magic items as interesting...

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