Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On Fighters...

Okay, so I've tweaked some of the classes a bit - I was thinking about fighters today. Characters can multiclass in fighter and get better weapons and advance in their "to hit" abilities - but only single classed fighters get multiple attacks (and other bonuses, as I think of them - and that's for another post, when I have a little more time).

What I was thinking about was that multiple attacks per round works like this - at a certain level you get 3 attacks every 2 rounds - then 2 attacks a round - then you gain automatic initiative on your first attack and then...? What? Automatic hit?

But I was also thinking that the second of any multiple attack should come at the END of the round - and if the fighter takes any damage during that round, he might lose that multiple attack. Should it be an automatic loss, or a chance to lose it?

More on Fighters soon...

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