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Villa of the Seer King - Level 4

Villa of the Seer King - Level 4

Tower Level Four

T17 Guest Room

This room is well appointed with a huge canopy bed, chests of drawers, several full length mirrors. Tapestries line the walls and carpets cover the floors.

T18 The Parlor

This room has fine carpets on the floors, cushioned couches and overstuffed chairs, a collection of wine (valued at about 5,000 gp for the entire collection), and two suits of magical platemail armor (Guardian Spirits – see New Monsters – who will attack if the master of the tower is threatened in any way).

T19 The Seer King’s Outer Chamber

This room is dominated by a dais with several large chairs – a huge throne-like seat and two smaller, yet very ornate, wooden chairs. Lining the walls are a number of paintings and other works of art (about 12,000 gp total). The chairs circle a small table with a crystal ball on it.

If the party attempts to use the Crystal Ball to find the Seer King, every attempt will simply reveal the Seer King's motionless state in the Observatory. In fact, any scrying related to the Seer King (attempting to scry the demon who took the book, for example) results in an image of the Seer King standing motionless on the balcony.

T20 The Seer King’s Inner Chamber

This chamber is in disarray – the bed is unmade, clothing and papers and empty wine bottles are scattered throughout. Dust is thick on the furniture.

The Seer King will sometimes spend days alone in his chamber so he has forbidden the Unseen Servants entrance to his Inner Chamber. There is nothing of particular value or interest in this mess.

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