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Villa of the Seer King - Level 3

One thing to note about the Villa - it is supposed to be abandoned and, by the end of the adventure, it won't matter whether or not the PCs plunder it. So, yeah, there's no monsters, traps, etc. When the Seer King was not in the state he's in now, he was adequate defense for the villa. Now, the wizard locked doors and the Seer King's reputation have been enough to keep everyone/everything out...

Villa of the Seer King - Level 3

T16 Servants’ Rooms

These unremarkable rooms are kept clean and usable by the Unseen Servants. Each room has a small bed, a small table, a small mirror, a bowl and pitcher and a two drawer chest.

Really, that's all I wrote for this whole level...sigh... Okay - here goes:

T9 Spiral Staircase

T16 Servants’ Rooms

These generally unremarkable rooms are kept clean and usable by the Unseen Servants.

A. B. C. -

Each room has a small bed, a small table, a small mirror, a bowl and pitcher and a two drawer chest. I

n addition to the above listed items, these rooms contain dresses, makeup, combs and other accouterments of camber maids (all of very minor value - 1-10gp per room). The walls have tapestries depicting famous love stories and the rugs on the floors are deep and luxurious. There is a 20% chance per room of finding 1-20 sp and 1-6 gp. In room C the PCs might find a journal tucked away in the dresser. The journal is the diary of a young lady named Clarissa who was a servant in the Seer-King's household. She writes lovingly of the Seer-King's wife, respectfully of the Seer-King himself. She writes of her love for a young man named Giles and her disdain for Mistress Pyria (presumably the Housekeeper, in charge of the chamber maids of the household). She also writes of her fear of Master Connell (the Steward).

D. Mistress Pyria's room. This chamber is more spartan than the other ladies' chambers, eschewing the carpets and tapestries for hard wood flooring and only a single painting, a poorly painted portrait of an oder man (not the Seer King). The mirrored table in this room has only a small simple (worthless) comb, basin and wash bowl. In the chest of drawers are four dark blue dresses and one white dress. The bed in this room is softer and more comfortable than the other womens' beds.

E. Valet's chamber - This room contains many trunks of clothing (the Seer-King's castoffs, which the Valet would often keep for himself) as well as a large bed (for the Valet and his wife) and a chest of drawers, a mirrored table, a small desk and chair. A rug in the middle of the room (valued at 100gp) is soft and deep. (Hidden under a loose floorboard is 18 gp and a small 50gp ruby)

F. G. H. Footman's Chambers - These rooms are very similar. They each contain a simple bed, wardrobe, chair or two, tapestries depicting hunting or battle scenes. Weapons racks are on the walls, each with 2 spears (room for more, though). F has a highly decorative helmet (10gp), G has a shield and H has a pair of throwing daggers.

I. Master Connell's room - this large chamber contains a huge canopy bed, a desk, a small table with four chairs, several chests of drawers, two wardrobes. Tapestries line the walls (depicting famous historical and religious scenes). The carpets on the floor are deep and very valuable (four rugs worth 200gp each). On the desk are a gold pen and crystal inkwell (worth 10gp), a number of papers (mostly notes about household business) and a small scale. One drawer in the desk is locked (the key is long gone). The locked drawer contains 100sp and 200 cp as well as two ledgers (which on the surface appear similar, but in fact reveal that the Steward was stealing from the Seer King). A hollow in the headboard of the bed reveals a small secret compartment with a potion vial (invisibility) and a dagger (+2). One of the wardrobes has a false back which opens to reveal a secret compartment containing a black robe (non-magical) and a silver dagger with strange sigils etched into the blade.

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