Thursday, May 6, 2010

Inspirational Image

So I love to search for public domain images for inspiration.

This has to be public domain, right, I mean it's Rembrandt, he's been dead for (checking Wikipedia) 347 years...not sure if copyright even existed then... Who would own stuff from "the masters"? Hmm... Could you use Mona Lisa image for something? How about Starry Night? I mean, could I make up posters or coffee mugs or... Nevermind, doesn't matter.

I see this as the interior of the home of Jarron Drake, Jacob Well's herbalist. This is the main sitting room, where he greets customers and does his business dealings. In the area where the observer would presumably be standing are racks of dried herbs and spices and exotic powders and the like. The tiny door under the stairs behind Jarron appears to be a small storage closet, but at the push of a hidden lever the storeroom swings back to the left revealing a tight spiral staircase descending into the darkness. This narrow staircase leads to Jarron's workshop - he is a hedge mage.

The large spiral staircase leads up to the family apartment above Jarron's shop.


David said...

That is a gorgeous image. Thanks for posting!

Daen Ral Worldbuilder said...

Thanks - I have hundreds of images I've scoured from the net - I think many of them are public domain (at least they're usually way old enough to be) that I use for inspiration. I found some old Russian stuff that I'll be posting next week that's just so evocative...

So - stay tuned!

Dungeonmum said...

Love that one. Nice extemporisation.

There's a village near to me called Jacob's Well.