Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gotta Love Free Stuff

I just love these guys:
'cause I just love free stuff. Enjoy!

So I read through the adventure. It's a pretty good short diversion. The set up is okay - fear of a curse, a murder, all pretty well set up with some potential to expand the village or the background characters.

I think the adventure provides pretty reasonable challenges for lvl 5-7 characters. I wouldn't throw this at inexperienced players, though - it has the potential to be very deadly for the careless or unwary.

I really like the format of the adventure - it's kind of new-old school - reminds me of at least one old Role Aids adventure (I think) - Big Room Numbers with a line separating areas with a kind of room summary. The descriptions are concise and well written - the adventure areas are challenging - a good mix of creatures, traps and puzzles. The quality of the production is high - just a few typos (pretty common ones - alter that should be altar, became that should be become, thieve's guild that should be thieves' guild) - annoying, but not detracting from the excellent quality of this product. The art is good (and there's a lot of it), the map is good. My one complaint about the adventure is that it's very linear - everything gets funneled to the climax - but that's pretty common in short adventures. There's only so many places you can detail and so many encounters you can provide for a single session.

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R. Lawrence Blake said...

Thank you for the review! I linked to this on my page.