Thursday, May 13, 2010

Villa of the Seer King - Level 1

Some time ago I put together a fairly high level adventure based on the Kansas album The Point of Know Return. A small part of the adventure takes place in the villa of the former Seer King of Malan (a pretty high level mage with delusions of grandeur).

I never finished the adventure - it got bogged down in design and became a meatgrinder - basically just a series of combat encounters (okay, kind of Gygaxian, in a way...but not what I was after). So I've shelved the adventure for now - but there are pieces that I'll post that might be of interest to others or others might see ways to improve them.

Anyway, that's the intro for the following several posts...

Villa of the Seer King - Level 1

Closet Chronicles (Part 1)

The journey to the tower is unremarkable, since this is a fairly settled area. If desired, a couple minor random encounters can be dropped in. Remember, the tower is only a day's journey from Malan (to the East, along a road for most of the journey).

Entering the tower is meant to be a minor challenge, since the main doors are wizard locked at 30th level. There are no windows on the first or second level. The first windows appear 35' up, but are all shuttered (and wizard locked). The tower is 80' tall, 60' in diameter, flanked by two lesser towers (30’ in diameter, 30’ high), all roofed with conical wooden roofs.

The main doors and the shutters are constructed of Ironwood and are reinforced with iron. They are nearly indestructible (and are shielded against magic) though a persistent person could hack through them with 4 successful bend bars rolls.

On the sixth level there is a balcony directly over the main doors. The doors leading into the sixth level are glass and lead. They, too, are wizard locked and shielded, though they are breakable via normal means (frankly nearly any non magical attack will destroy the doors).

The party can deactivate the wizard lock by simply speaking the key (found on the portrait in the library of Malan). Or they can seek magical means, or batter their way into the building.

It doesn't really matter how the party gains access to the tower (though cynical players may assume that the glass doors are meant to railroad them into a particular area), they will find the tower to be neat and orderly and well kept.

General Notes about the Tower:

  • Ceilings are 10’ unless otherwise noted.
  • All spells function normally within the tower, with the exception of the library (see below)
  • Unseen Servants flit around the building taking care of mundane tasks. They will not attack and if attacked they will simply disappear.

Tower Level 1

T1 Oaken Doors

Heavy oaken doors serve as the main entrance to the Tower. The doors are incredibly strong and enchanted to withstand any magical attack (including magical weapons). Brute force could be used, but the doors have 200 hp and note that magical weapons do zero damage to the doors. The doors could be opened using the Seer King’s three tone whistle key (hanging around his neck).

T2 Entry Hall

The floor here is thickly carpeted so footsteps are muted. Several stuffed chairs and a small table stand in the center of the room under the grand chandelier. Artwork lines the walls, none of it particularly remarkable. There are two suits of full plate mail armor with polearms.

This is the hall where the Seer King generally meets outsiders. Few people (only a very few close friends) have been beyond this hall.

The suits of armor radiate magic, because they are magically animated guardians called Guardian Spirits (see New Monsters). If the master of the tower is ever threatened in this room, the suits of platemail animate and attack, defending their master.

Guardian Spirits AC 1; MV 90’; HD 8; hp 8-64; THAC0 12; #AT 1; D per weapon (typically polearm and mace); SD Immune to sleep/charm/hold/polymorph/fear, +1 wpn to-hit; SZ S; Int Very; AL N; XP 1,275+10/hp.

T3 Parlor

A couch and several comfortable chairs rest along the walls here. Several tables have vases of fresh flowers on them. On one table is a decanter of fine wine (see New Magic Items) and a half dozen long stemmed glasses.

T4 Storeroom

Shelves filled with mundane household items line the walls here.

T5 Kitchen

The kitchen is very clean, almost as if it hasn’t been used for some time (because it hasn’t). Along the north wall is a basin with a water pump, a stove and an oven. Along the eastern wall, between the doors, is a rack of pots and pans and other kitchen utensils. Along western wall are shelves containing small sacks and jars with four, sugar, spices and various other items for cooking. If anything is shifted out of place, an unseen servant will replace it (if possible) within 3 rounds.

T6 Pantry

The pantry is well stocked with various dry goods – four, sugar, spices and the like – as well as dried and cured meats, jars filled with vegetables and sauces, and various other foodstuffs.

T7 Closet

The servants’ closet contains a few dusty cloaks and a dress in need of repair.

T8 Dining Hall

The huge oaken table and chairs will accommodate 20 people. Four huge, 10 candle, silver candelabras rest on the table (worth 100gp each). A chest beside the door in the western wall holds silverware and serving utensils (250 gp). Along the northern wall are portraits of previous generations of the Seer King’s family. Along the curved NE wall are tapestries depicting hunting parties in the southern woods.

T9 Spiral Staircase up.

The 6’ wide staircase hugs this small tower’s wall as it spirals upward to the upper floors. A wrought iron railing protects climbers from the treacherous fall

T10 Servants’ Room

When the Seer King built this tower for his wife, he intended to have a number of servants attend them. Since his wife’s death, he allows the Unseen Servants to care for the tower, preferring to forgo any human contact. This room is empty. If the party searches carefully, they can find a loose floorboard. Underneath is the diary of the Lady-in-waiting that the Seer King had employed for a brief time while his wife was alive. The Lady-in-waiting loved her mistress but feared the Seer King. With the diary is a pouch containing 13 sp.

T11 Stairs to Cellar

This narrow staircase descends into the darkness, leading to T12.

T12 Cellar

See sublevel.

T13 Treasury

Here is the Seer King’s fortune (or so it is supposed to appear). The door is locked with a mundane lock (the key is in the Seer King’s Inner Chamber T19) but it is also trapped – with poison darts. If the key is not used, 20 poison darts shoot out of the ceiling (THAC0 14). Each hit causes 1 hp damage and a sudden loss of Constitution (down to 5), which causes each character to make a system shock roll (at CON 5) or pass out for 3-12 turns. Constitution can be regained at the rate of 1 point per day.


1,000 gp

90 gp White Pearl

7 gp Tiger Eye Turquoise

700 gp Golden Yellow Topaz

11 gp Eye Agate

500 gp Golden Yellow Topaz

60 gp Rose Quartz

Scroll: Magic Missle (6th level)

Potions: Climbing, Giant Strength, Levitation