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Villa of the Seer King - Level 2

Villa of the Seer King - Level 2

Tower Level Two

T9 Spiral Staircase

T14 Grand Library

This entire level is taken up with the Grand Library. The Seer King is a collector of lore and has thousands of books here. All of the books in the main tower are valuable (to a library, collector, historian, sage, etc) but not magical.

The answer to what is causing the plague cannot be discovered in the tomes in this library, no matter how long the party studies. They can find the Seer King’s journals, which he has kept for the past century. If they study the volumes (and there are 147 volumes (of 150-300 pages each) covering a total of 119 years of his life, they will find that he traveled widely during the past century (unbeknownst to the people of Malan), he has enjoyed the company of several good friends and that he has very much enjoyed helping the people of Malan, even with very trifling affairs.

A more thorough examination (taking 2-12 days) will note a subtle shift in the Seer King’s attitude, beginning about 3 years ago. He begins writing about “deep knowledge” and attaining “the ascendancy,” though with no definitions of what these things mean.

The final entry is probably the most relevant to the adventure. The Seer King writes that he had finally acquired the book The Sacred Knowledge of the Worlds but that a demon had stolen it and fled through the soul gem. He made preparations to enter the soul gem and follow the trail of the demon to retrieve the book in “the maze of the deep knowledge.”

A small closet (T13A) houses cleaning supplies and other mundane items. When stepping through the soul gem, however, the closet becomes the gateway to the Seer King’s Mind (see The Seer King on level six of the tower).

The entrance to the tower (T15) chamber is magically locked (at 20th level) and can be opened with the key that is around the Seer King’s neck (a three tone whistle).

T15 Special Library

Herein are the Seer King’s most valuable books and scrolls.

Here the party could find The Book of the Ages, (magic from ancient eras – some unknown today) The Songbook of Soliman (a bardic songbook), Far and Near (A Treatise on Magical Travel), Chaosia (a huge book speculating on the nature of demons and the chaos realms), Hope and Sorrow(a book studying various religions and religious practices related to the dead, of vital interest to necromancers), anything the DM desires to be here. Behind one of the bookshelves is a secret hiding place where the Seer King has hidden a Tome of Clear Thought.

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