Sunday, March 15, 2009


I changed some of the settings on the blog because the white letters on black were making my eyes buggy... If I can find a template that I like, I'll probably go with that. But for now, I like what I have.

I'm editing the evil elemental gods - and now I'm at a crossroad with this project (yet another) - how much detail on origin? The gods are just super powerful demons, does it matter? I'm probably going to end up with a radically different cosmology than "standard" AD&D anyway. But how much explaining of Firstfallen and Firstborn and Twicefallen do I really want to deal with?

I've posted maps for Hope Cross - the village and regional maps are coming along - should have it all packaged and ready for artwork...of which I have the end of the week.

I pulled my file for Eversnow Mountain and Whitestone Hall and Torgoth's River Canyon (which is little more than a sketch).

I've updated the Stuff I Want to Get Done post.

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