Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stuff I Want to Get Done...

...sooner rather than later.

A Gazeteer of the Jacob's Well area. I have a couple rough maps and a bunch of notes - but writing out the notes in coherent form isn't a quick process. It's daunting, so I put it off and read Grognardia or Greyhawkgrognard or some other blogs (I love the name of one - A Rust Monster Ate My Sword). But I digress (see, I'm putting off that Gaz).

Do I write up a continental Gazeteer? There's a bunch of stuff that's unique to Daen-Ral that it might be worth it. I started it at one point, using the Greyhawk World Gazeteer as a guide. Monsters are different in Daen-Ral, the cosmology is different, elves and dwarves and all the usual tropes have a slightly different twist - and all that affects the stuff that I write. The gods are real, but they're not really gods isn't a new idea, per se - but it has to be communicated clearly. It may not really affect most of what I have. We'll see. Oh, and there are five elements, not just four. Not a biggie, but it matters (especially for the Coming Darkness series of adventures).

Do I just scan in the wild and bizzare notes from my expansion of B4 The Lost City or do I polish them up slightly and type them up? I mean, you get to meet Usimagaras and Madura and...whatshisname - and beat up on Zargon if you can. Hmmm... lemme think on that one.

Dragonhall is very minimal notes - but I want to polish it up enough to make it usable as is with minimal prep time (for me if I ever do) - but it's also part of the Coming Darkness series of adventures (below) so I'll need to make some modifications to it as it dives deeper underground and face the wraithlord.

Let's see... Adventures in the works:

  • Goblin House
  • Grave Robbers
  • The Curious Disappearance of Silian Jass (Ettercap Ambush)
  • Darkness at Hope Cross Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  • A Question of Balance
  • Three Billygoats Gruff
  • The Silver Mine
  • Pilgrims
  • Attack on the Homestead
  • Slavers
  • To the Aid of a Heartache (the swamp adventure with dragon, druid and sorceress)
  • To the Aid of the Witchwoman
  • Tears of the Gods
  • The Dwarven Hammer
  • Shadow Stalker
  • Beneath the Wizard’s Tower
  • The Three Part Map
  • Quest for Primordial Fire (and Water, and Air, and Stone, and Darkness)
  • Servants of the Forgotten King
  • The Five Temples of the Elements
  • 1 The Mudpits of Krallan
  • 2 Palace of the Water Spirits
  • 3 Tomb of Air or Tomb of Aestharal
  • 4 Dragonhall
  • 5 The Pit of Souls
  • The Temple of the Elder Elemental Gods – with 5 NODES (yeah, kind of ToEE)
  • The Point of No Return

There are others, of course...

I really like the way that White Dwarf did their adventures that were included in the magazine - well, the several that I own, anyway. One, I believe it's The Star of Darkness, has a bit of wilderness, a couple of villages sketched out and a final multilevel dungeon with a BBEG. I like how the details of the villages and the wilderness were left kind of sketchy - the DM could prepare ahead or do it on the fly (which was what I always seemed to do). On the other hand, I like the Village of Homlett and Keep on the Borderland and Hackmaster's Little Keep on the Borderland because of the detail that the village/keep has to it. You know who lives where and what they do and, sometimes, why. I've tried to do the latter in Hope Cross, but the other tiny villages in the area of Jacob's Well are probably going to get the White Dwarf treatment - a couple major buildings, maybe an NPC or two, a note about how they might greet the party - maybe one or two hooks, if I come up with them. Jacob's Well itself will be pretty highly detailed, I think.

I have more areas around Hope Cross to detail - though I might eventually move the village notes themselves from Darkness at Hope Cross to the Gazeteer, not sure - but I have to detail Hag's Island soon - maybe incorporate that into Hope Cross or just into the Gaz - dunno. And maybe the Druid's Grove? Not sure even what should be there. Oh, and Damoric the Wizard's estate (and requisite dungeons beneath, of course).

I have to more carefully consider the monstrous population of the area. I know, for example, that goblin is wyvern's favorite food - so the goblin population is kept somewhat in check (well, that and the fact that they are MONSTERS - but that's for another time).


Evil Elemental Gods



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