Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Elements

Okay - turns out I might have more to say about world building stuff and classes and the like than I thought I would. Oh well...

So it turns out that I've got a more Japanese take on the elements than traditional AD&D - that is, five basic elements (air, earth, fire, water, void - or darkness). In what I'm doing, Darkness is the first primordial element - darkness and chaos. From darkness come the four traditional elements - and hence the elemental gods of evil (which I'll detail later - but are loosely based on the Cthulhu mythos).

Now I have to figure out how these elements interact - since they aren't likely to directly counter one another - maybe. So I need to work out the interrelationships among the various elements - and do I want to have quasi or demi or para elements (you know - dust - between earth and air, magma - between earth and fire, mud - between earth and water and ....what happens when earth and darkness combine?)

Okay - so maybe it's the four traditional elements radiating out from Darkness at the center - and since darkness touches all of them, evil touches all of them...

Earth/Air - Dust

Earth/Fire - Magma

Earth/Water - Mud

Air/Fire - Ash

Air/Water - Vapor

Air/Earth - Dust

Water/Air - Vapor

Water/Earth - Mud

Water/Fire - Steam

So, I've got the interrelationships between the elements nailed (sort of).

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