Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Goblin House Map

Somewhere I have a One Page Dungeon writeup on this. Of course, I can't find the blasted thing. Here's a first draft of the Goblin House dungeon map.

The adventure will be presented on two fronts: first is a basic, children are disappearing and you have to find out why (since it's the son of a noble, you'll be well paid, of course). The trail leads to this old Artificer's Labratory which has been overrun by goblins. Once the PCs discover that it is goblins kidnapping the children and how to get to Goblin House, the players and DM will have the option to play a the kidnapped children (the oldest of them, of course) who
discover what the goblins do with them when they "graduate" and either attempt to escape or incite a rebellion. If this path is chosen, the DM is free to introduce the PCs at any time in the adventure (even as an act of Deus Ex Machina to rescue the doomed rebels at just the last second). Since it's very, very loosely based on a short story I read years ago (which I can't seem to find now...argh...I remember that it was probably written by a woman...but that's all), well, since it's at least inspired by this story, I'll pull it together and publish it for free.

So, that's the framework of the adventure (yeah, there's a lot of twists to it - the goblins are trying to frame faries for the abductions among other things), and here's one of the maps. Hope to get more posted soon...

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