Friday, June 19, 2009

(More) Stuff I Want to Get Done...

...sooner rather than later. REPOST, sort of...

A Gazeteer of the Jacob's Well area. Some notes and a couple maps here and here

Adventures in the works:
Goblin House - Notes on a One Page Dungeon Template
Grave Robbers - Set up and outline Done
The Curious Disappearance of Silian Jass (Ettercap Ambush)
Darkness at Hope Cross Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Village Map Outdoor Map Dungeon Maps
A Question of Balance - Set up and Notes
Three Billygoats Gruff
The Silver Mine
Attack on the Homestead
To the Aid of a Heartache (the swamp adventure with dragon, druid and sorceress) - Partially Fleshed out and Notes
To the Aid of the Witchwoman
Tears of the Gods
The Dwarven Hammer
Shadow Stalker
Beneath the Wizard’s Tower
The Three Part Map
Quest for Primordial Fire (and Water, and Air, and Stone, and Darkness)
Servants of the Forgotten King
The Five Temples of the Elements - Notes and Outlines
1 The Mudpits of Krallan
2 Palace of the Water Spirits - Notes and Maps
3 Tomb of Air or Tomb of Aestharal
4 Dragonhall
5 The Pit of Souls
The Temple of the Elder Elemental Gods – with 5 NODES (yeah, kind of ToEE)
The Point of No Return

There are others, of course...

I have a continental map - it's huge (30"x48") - though I digitized it at one point, so once I track it down maybe I'll post it.

Regions to be detailed include:

The Spires

  • Griffonspire
  • Crystalspur
  • Demonspire
  • Godspire
  • Pillars of the World

Fortress and city of the Knights of the Crescent Moon and the Southlands (at least the caravan route)

Kingdom/Empire of Hamlin

Barrier Crossing

Kingdom of the N'Daer

Great Oaks Forest

Eversnow Mountain Region (in conjunction with the five temples and the coming darkness series, at least).

  • Chalias Zanhithee
  • Whitestone Hall
  • Durdam's Tomb
  • Torgoth's River Canyon
  • Engorwash Swamp
  • Emfram's Crossing?

Smoke Mountains/Ring of Fire (new name?)

Grey Hills & the Grey Watches


The Great Valley (where Jacob's Well is located)

The Frontier

The Jungles

The Ice Empire

One new concern that I have is that this is a pretty generic world - nothing really makes it stand out from, say, Greyhawk or the Forgotten Realms. Dragonlance had an identity. Yeah, it was marred with adventures that demanded a specific plotline (kind of like running the Lord of the Rings or the Wheel of Time or whatever - if the world is driven by a particular story-line it can be crippled into having the PCs become simple observers rather than drivers of the plot...) - but draconians and no orcs and no clerics and money being weird and - yeah, it had enough "generic" to make it accessible but enough "unique" to make it interesting (IMO). So, what makes a world interesting? How to make Daen-Ral unique yet accessible? Well, I'll just keep going...maybe it won't ever be interesting (to anyone but me) or unique...

Working on a Player's Handbook. Have a draft of the Monster Manual. Trying to decide races/cultures/etc. to include...

Elves/Exiles - Children of the Sun and Children of the Moon

Human cultures....


Dwarven/Dwarvanna cultures...

Gnomes? Halflings? Others?

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