Monday, June 1, 2009

Jacob's Well Map preview

Jacob's Well Map WIP.

Numbering this thing is going to be a bear... Still not sure if I'll detail everything, or just the important features and allow the details to be filled in as more adventures are written... Probably the latter, leaving it way more open and useful - with some guidelines.

Anyway, Jacob's Well is a town of about 2000 people (almost exclusively human) situated on the top of a 1000' tall plateau/tor/mesa inspired by Civita Bagnoregio. Jacob's Well is where the local governor rules a roughly 10 mile radius of the Empire (though in practice he is responsible for more than that - pretty much everything on the Jacob's Well Regional Map, to the Fen in the south, at least...).

This is a frontier town, kind of the last major civilzation this side of the mountains and north of the great plains. Several adventures are being prepared that are set in the Jacob's Well environs.

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