Monday, July 8, 2019

The Black Hack

So my daughter is having a game day with some kids from school today - mostly Playstation 'cause they're like 15 - but she asked me this morning (thanks for the notice!!) to print up some "D&D stuff" because the guys coming over want to try it out and she wants to try running a game.

She's played a dozen or so times with me under various cobbled together rule sets so I think she's ready to try... but not ready to digest a hundred pages of rules.

Enter the Black Hack.  Nicely streamlined with some new edition kind of features (advantage/disadvantage being the most obvious) and some neat quirks (I love the usage die idea and have adapted it in a couple of ways for my own use), the Black Hack has enough rules to get them started but is slim enough to digest and get ready on the drive (my daughter's school is 45 minutes away - so we'll be getting the guys - they will have that drive to digest the, what, like 8 or 10 pages of character stuff... and my daughter can take the whole hour and a half to get the rules and adventure ready...).

So I found her a couple of interesting but fairly simple introductory adventures and printed off some pregens (though I suggested she should have them roll characters - it should only take about 10 minutes...).

I'm going to have to fight my nature (to meddle) and let the adventure fly. I'll drop in and out of the game day (lots of meetings for me today) but I'm going to try to make sure I listen in a bit on the "D&D stuff."

Thanks David Black!

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