Sunday, September 10, 2017

Well I did it...

I finally uploaded a PDF to Drivethrurpg. Waiting for it to be approved. Then I need to see what it takes to upload the file for POD.

The product is a Hexcrawl called "The Northern Tier" - a 42 one-mile hex area in the northern part of the Highlands. It's 140 pages and I'm giving it away right now. I will probably eventually reset the price to PWYW (recommended price $0.00).  The Northern Tier began as an exercise in blogging here. The larger project listed there (the Chantry of the Deepflame) is as close as I get to a megadungeon - about 6 levels, maybe 150 or so total "rooms" detailed. Well, I guess Eversnow Mountain might be considered a megadungeon, but it's a combination of multiple dungeons and ruins and an underground hexcrawl through tunnels and caverns... I guess it would really put the "mega" in megadungeon since its hundreds of miles of tunnels and rooms and... sigh... yeah, I'll probably never get that done...

If this goes well, I have about a half dozen projects just about ready, three or four in some state between "just an idea" and "outlined and worked on" as well as a broad outline for the whole region (the Rosewood Highlands) and some thoughts on a houserules document. I have a bestiary that is constantly being updated as new creatures are created or modified.

The "rules" would be Swords and Wizards in the Highlands, based, of course, on Swords & Wizardry.

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