Monday, September 14, 2009


Just a quick note about Dwarves in Daen Ral:

When humanity landed on the shores of the New World, the Dwarvanna immediately welcomed them in the Grey Hills. Within months, a plague ripped through the both the Dwarven nation and the human settlers. Humanity, blaming the dwarves for the start of the plague, began the Landing Wars and slaughtered most of the Dwarvanna. The Dwarvanna sealed themselves in the remains of the Crystalspire (now called Crystalspur after its near complete destruction) and in the Barrier Crossing and have no contact with the outer world.

Humans to this day hate dwarves and a common slur for dwarves is "plague-rat".

Dwarvanna remain a "good" race, but will have nothing to do with humans, little to do with elves or halflings. Some dwarvanna have turned to bitterness and hatred (the Duergar and Derro). Many consider them a different race - but they are not...

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The Rusty Battle Axe said...

plague rat Ouch! I guess the Native Americans could have used that in reference to the first Europeans in N. America.

Interesting stuff. Thanks!